Becher Air Components – Overview

Becher Air’s BECMATIC spring feeders combine many unique features to solve the problem of automatically separating and feeding compression springs or other cylindrical parts.

  • Assembled, tuned, and tested to your requirements – using your springs
  • Each feeder is verified via computer-automated test fixture
  • Start saving money now – approximately 6 weeks from order to delivery
  • Delrin® construction means:
    • More efficiency
    • More durability
    • Cleaner operation (critical for medical equipment)
  • Get more “up time” for your production lines.
    • Few moving parts
    • More reliability
    • Less maintenance
  • Have many different small parts? We do more than feed springs – we can feed dowel pins and similar small items.
  • Verification of your springs’ feedability prior to placement of order
  • Reduces manpower and labor costs
  • Easily integrated into assembly machines
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Give us a call to discuss your needs

Becher Air Components

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